Prof.  Igor A. Lukyanchuk

            University of Picardy, France, 

Prof.  Daoud Mezzane

University Caddy Ayad, Marrakech

Prof. Vladimir Kravtsov,

ICTP -Trieste, Italy

Prof, S. Scandolo (ICTP, Trieste, Italy)

Secretary    Ms. Milena Poropat, ICTP -Trieste, Italy

Local Organizing Committee

Prof. Youssef Elamraoui FSTE, UMI ( Errachidia)
Prof. Abdelilah Benyoussef  FSR, UMV ( Rabat)
Prof. Abdelhadi Alimoussa FSTG, UCAM (Marrakech)
Prof. El Hassan Choukri FSTG, UCAM (Marrakech)
Prof. Lahoucine Hajji FSTG, UCAM ( Marrakech)
Prof. Lahcen Essaleh FSTG, UCAM( Marrakech)
Prof. Lahcen Bih FSTE, UMI ( Errachidia)
Mr. Elhadi Taifi FSTG,
UCAM (Marrakech)
Yassine Amira, UCAM (Marrakech)
Prof. Aimad Belboukhari FSTG, UCAM (Marrakech)


- Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP-Trieste)

For more than 45 years, the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) has been a driving force behind global efforts to advance scientific expertise in the developing world.
Founded in 1964 by the late Nobel Laureate Abdus Salam, ICTP seeks to accomplish its mandate by providing scientists from developing countries with the continuing education and skills that they need to enjoy long and productive careers. ICTP has been a major force in stemming the scientific brain drain from the developing world.
ICTP alumni serve as professors at major universities, chairpersons of academic departments, directors of research centres and ministers of science and technology in nations throughout the developing world. Many of them have been recognized in their own countries and internationally for their contributions to science and science policy. The impact of ICTP extends well beyond the Centre's facilities to virtually every corner of the Earth.

-   Faculty of Science and TechniquesCadi Ayyad University of Marrakech

University Cadi Ayyad is one of the largest Universities of Morocco participating in numerous European programs under 277 Cooperation agreements. UCAM has 12 faculties that are located in 4 towns  (Marrakech - Safi - Essaouira - Kalaa of Sraghna) There are 29,703 students and 1194  teachers and researchers, 55 Research laboratories, 4 Doctoral Study Centers. Founded in 1978, UCAM was developped successfully for thirty years to meet the last decade massive increase in student number and  changes in social demand for education and research. UCAM gathers all principal technical, natural and agricultural disciplines. The objective of its multi-disciplinary policy expanded over the years, is preparing the students for new emergent professions.
Faculty of Science and Technology of Marrakech (FSTMarrakech) is an institution of higher education in scientific and technique. It was created to strengthen the academic and technological potential of the region of Marrakech, expand and diversify the training offered for a better integration of the University in its socioeconomic environment.  Its teaching and research mission consist in research and training in science and technology tailored to the needs of the region and training of technical staff of the local industry.

-   Faculty of Science and Techniques - Errachidia,   My Ismail University of Meknes

Faculty of Science and Technology in Errachidia is the Poly-disciplinary remote branch of the Moulay Ismail University in Meknes, created in 1994 with the objective to develop the desert region of Morocco.  Despite the very young age, FST-Errachidia has a contemporary well-organized campus and modern equipment, constructed and acquired under the Project of European Community of promotion of North-Africa countries. The principal disciplines are: Geology, Water management, Modeling of Physical and Mathematical Process. FST-Errachidia welcomes students from the region of Errachidia Tafilalet and contributes to public service missions of higher education, namely:
- Improving of scientific, cultural and professional level of students through the initial and ongoing training and development of scientific and technical research;
- The implementation of expertise;
- The socio-economic development region of Errachidia-Tafilalet by taking into account the local circumstances and by establishing relationships with companies, institutions and surrounding communities;
- The contribution to the promotion of research and technology;
- Promotion of national and international academic cooperation in  Material Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Physics Earth,  Life Sciences, Mathematics and Applications, Geological, Engineering, Environmental Sciences,
Today, the FST-Errachidia adopts the reform of the Higher Education. Thanks to the experience gained by its enquiring teachers, the FST-Errachidia is ready to carry out the necessary long-term teaching innovation with  opening to  socio-economic sector.  The student formation, suggested by the FST-Errachidia cover the following disciplines:  Sciences and Technology, Engineering, Environment.