Tourism in Morocco

Morocco is the safe tourist country. Here are several advices for those who decided to know this wonderful land better after the end of the school .
A lot of options are proposed for tourists by the large hotels in Marrakech and by travel agencies.

1) Agair, standard tourist adopted sea-resort, easy accessible from marrakech by bus, world-class star hotels, 
local excursion to semi desert area with authentic towns: either localy organized or by rented car. 
The best is to reserve the hotel by Internet . Swimming can be possible. 

2) Selforganized circuit in Morocco . e.g. Marrakech-Rabat /Casablanca - Historical towns Fes/Mekness: by autoroute, back through Atlas Months. (or vs versa)
as a variant: deviation to Oarzazat - Rachidia to semi-desert. International agencies to rent a car + look for the hotel at place. Should be no problem. 

3) Mounts ski (in Africa !) in High Atlas

4) Travel to desert. Most adventures if organized individually. Trajectory is negotiable. Rent a minivan-4x4 with driver. 
Marrakech-Atlas (off road if no snow)  Ouarzazat- region of Zagora - Desert (off road). Best 3 days (2 nights). Nights in desert inns (Ryads) for tourists but sometimes well organized, with camels excursions...
(Photos C: I. Lukyanchuk)