M-Nanophys 2010

Mediterranean School on Nano-Physics

  Marrakech, 2 - 11 December 2010

organized by UNESCO

- Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP-Trieste)

0fficial ICTP web-site of MnanoPhys-2010

-   Faculty of Science and TechniquesCadi Ayyad University of Marrakech

-   Faculty of Science and Techniques - Errachidia,   My Ismail University of Meknes

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Dear Participant of M-Nanophys  2010 !

    School is finished... We hope that your trip back was pleasant and you keep the best souvenirs about Marrakech. Thank you for participation, valuable contribution to the School and your positive appreciation feedback notes.

We hope that you will visit another activities of ICTP and participate in the collaboration with Network MeM in Future. 

    We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011 !!!

The objective of the School is to give to the Master and PhD students and young researchers from developing Mediterranean and African countries the general vision of the contemporary nano-physics, practical knowledge of the modeling methods, and simulations. The teaching will start from the general theoretical concepts of nano-world. Then the major spectrum of the special problems of nano-physics will be reviewed.  The laboratory training will include both theoretical and experimental methods. Special emphasis will be given to problems related with region-important problems like solar energy, materials and technologies for local industry, application of satellite remote sensing methods etc. The school is subscribed in the activity of collaboration programs VOLUBILIS, FP7-ROBOCON, ANR-LoMaCoQu and in the network Mediterranean Electronic Materials (MeM). It will be held at the Faculty of Science and Techniques of University of Marrakech



The topics of the School includes:

- Models of statistical physics in nano-world
- Phenomenology, macroscopic description and finite size effects
- Monte-Carlo and ab-initio simulation
- Ferroelectricity and Nano-ferroelectric materials and devices
- Superconductivity and Magnetism
- Cabon-based materials for future nanoelectronics
- Semiconductors, Nanophotonics, Spintronics, Lasers
- Photovoltaics: materials and modeling
- Ecology and Water treatment
- Remote sensing satellite methods of desert monitoring

 Supported  by  FP7-IRSES-ROBOCON project